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Thursday/10 pm/CBS
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Welcome to the wat_watchers community.

Here's the deal with this community:

1. You can give updates on any of the characters from the TV show.
2. If you make icons or collages, put them behind an LJ cut.
3. Please don't diss any of the other members or anyone from the TV show.
4. I really don't care if you talk about any other show on CBS.
5. I don't care if you advertise other communities.
6. If you do make another community about Without a Trace.. PLEASE! I mean, PLEASE post the link here. We'd love to check it out.
7. Please DO NOT type like you don't have an education. [ ex: diz, lyke, luv, wateva ]
8. Anything that has to do with Jerry Bruckheimer, you can also post here.
9. I guess that's all I have to say about this community.

If you'd like to be a moderater along with me, let me know!